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Sailing Yacht SAS 39

Sas 39 is sailing yacht which has been tested and regarded as one of the best sailing yachts in this class. It is very comfortable and has great stability at open sea. It can be suitable even for long journeys and because of great comfort you wouldn't notice the difference.
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Motor Yacht Adria 1000

M.Y. Adria 1000 is a medium speed yacht boat suitable for 2 families on a cruise all over the Adriatic.
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Speed motor boat Fjord 23

Speed boat Fjord 23 is a very fast boat, suitable for daily excursions, and enjoying a high speed travel along the Adriatic coast. It can support up to 6 passengers with great comfort. This is a perfect choice if you want your adrenaline level to reach the sky limits because of the new engine with 250 HP.
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Speed motor boat Wellcraft 21

Wellcraft 21 should be your first choice for fun, daily excursions, fishing and pleasure travelling, which is suitable for 6 passengers.
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Motor boat Elan 17

Motor boat Elan 17 is economic boat for you and can be used for one-day excursions, fish picnics, and ect., it can take up to 6 peoples. It has sun shade that provides cover from hot sun or even bad weather.
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Motor Boat Elan 16

Economic motor boat with cabin which can easily handle up to 4 passengers. This is perfect boat for a few day excursions or fish picnics.
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